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Brown Davis Automotive has a history of over 30 years designing and manufacturing a wide range of specialist products for the automotive industry. During this time Brown Davis has worked with some of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers, mining companies, emergency services, and military forces. This customer base includes Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Holden, Iveco, Nissan, the Australian, Singapore and US military forces, Fire, Ambulance and Police services in several countries, as well as some of the largest resource and industrial companies in the world. Products have been supplied on a world stage to many far flung countries including; South Africa, Thailand, the United States, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Malaysia to mention a few.


Brown Davis Automotive was established in 1978 in Melbourne Australia, by Managing Director David Brown. David is still actively involved in all facets of design and manufacture in the company, and with his university engineering background has consulted on the CAMS motorsport technical panel, and several other government and military bodies. From small beginnings, Brown Davis has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket fuel tanks and ROPS in the world today. The initial focus of Brown Davis was motorsport in Australia designing and manufacturing light weight alloy fuel tanks and safety roll cage structures for racing cars. Stemming from this, came an ability to fabricate in many of the more exotic materials and the engineering ingenuity that supported many Australian and international motorsport champions.  

Mitsubishi Evolution Rally Car ROPS

Brown Davis' expertise has also been sought after to work in collaboration on major projects for several large organisations, inluding the Australian Defence Forces and Victorian Ambulance Service in designing and implementing a ROPS solution to their vehicles. For the Victorian Ambulance fleet, the Brown Davis team where involved with design and testing of ROPS and complete vehicle re-fitout in 1991.

Furthermore, Brown Davis was involved in the initial design, prototyping and production of the highly successful Bushmaster military troop carrying vehicle, which is in wide use by many of the peace keeping forces in the Middle East today. Supply and production of vital components for the vehicle manufacturer remains on going.


Listed below are some of the other projects Brown Davis has been involved in:

  • Ford - Supplier of ROPS and safety equipment for new vehicle high speed testing and R&D
  • Mercedes Benz - ROPS systems for factory backed competition vehicles
  • BMW, Honda, Ford, Holden - ROPS systems for celebrity race vehicles; Melbourne F1 GP, Gold Coast Indy
  • Mitsubishi Ralliart - Development of ROPS systems for factory rally cars (Lancer Evolution)
  • Nissan - ROPS and vehicle fabrication for factory offroad racing team
  • Victorian Fire Brigade - Fire truck chassis modifications, fabrication and design consultancy
  • Australian Military - HMEV Tractor project and Bushmaster
  • US Military - Long range fuel tanks for use in their vehicle in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Rail Technologies - Fitting out of highly sophisticated rail inspection vehicles



Brown Davis has always worked tirelessly to ensure that every product, meets all the Australian and International Standards for their intended use where possible.

To keep their products at the cutting edge of quality and technical design, Brown Davis use CNC machinery for plasma, laser cutting and machining. Furthermore, the latest computer controlled break press folders, and welding equipment is used in the companies 2,400 square meter production facility situated in Bayswater, Melbourne.


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